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The innovation hub of Reale Group: a unique initiative in the Italian scope

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We are constantly looking for ideas and projects intended to improve everyday life.

Reale Lab is a center entirely dedicated to explore innovation strategies which are most relevant to the future of insurance and its related services.


Innovation Hub constantly looking for ideas and projects intended to improve everyday life

Reale Lab 1828 is a unique initiative in the Italian scope. With its international team composed of 20 Professionals, Reale Lab 1828 is, in fact, a business unit detached from the holding Companies, with a dedicated budget as well as simplified and speedy processes. It is an agile organization which looks more like a startup than an almost two centuries old Company.

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Multi sector, international innovation hub

Reale Lab 1828 is a multi sector, international innovation hub, constantly searching for new ideas and projects able to improve people’s lives, riding the new trends that mark the current decade.


We are interested in new ideas, new technologies, new business models , in order to launch enterprises, test them and quickly put them into effect. We want to convert innovation into a concrete and real asset for the entire Group and its stakeholders.


We wish to talk to whoever has ideas, in a perspective of permanent “open innovation”, and always interact with the entire Reale Group, in order to keep the focus on utility, feasibility, scalability and ease of integration within the enterprises.


It is important for us to disseminate the culture of innovation across the Group, along with the knowledge of new working methodologies, the wish to progress! Our action always starts with people and we ourselves learn while working together.


Services, ideas and technologies able to improve people lives

While sharing Reale Mutua and its international Group’s fundamental values , Reale Lab 1828 strongly believes in focusing on people to whom it devotes all its energy, carefully and eagerly searching services, ideas and technologies able to improve their lives.

That’s why Reale Lab 1828, supported by a team of researchers, specialized in cutting edge technologies and new IT frontiers, has chosen some innovation areas to focus on.


Creating new ecosystems, processes and products by applying blockchain to the insurance business.

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Turning claims management into a customer service opportunity.

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Data science

Driving Artificial Intelligence development towards a human-centric future.

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Eurapco Innovation Lab

Disruptive innovation and contamination at 360° at European level.

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Omni-channel payment experience, simple, fast, secure and economical.

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Innovation and sustainability: combining these two elements, to take care of our planet and all its inhabitants.

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Exploring, testing and validating new models of interaction and new services tailored to the needs of metaverse users.

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Smart modernisation of our cities through smart mobility.

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Designing a new offer and providing innovative and appropriate services to SMEs.

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Design and offer simpler, more personalized and adjusted underwriting and pricing processes.

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Re-inventing Insurance & IoT

Re-inventing the way we do insurance by focusing on the Internet of Things

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Silver Age

Design an innovative offer that responds to the needs and characteristics of the different Senior profiles.

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Tech exploration

Exploring the new frontiers offered by technology with an eye to the near future.

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New ideas for taking care of people: new solutions, technologies or models of relationships.

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Reale Mutua and Reale Lab 1828 will be waiting for you at the Wired Next Fest in Florence (29-30 September 2018)

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We have two main locations: in Italy and Spain

Our headquarters are built to the highest architectural and environmental standards, with innovative and technologically advanced workspaces.

Reale Lab 1828 - Italy

Via Santa Maria 11
10122 TORINO 

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Reale Lab 1828 - Spain

Calle Príncipe de Vergara 125
28002 MADRID 

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