Multi sector, international innovation hub

Reale Lab 1828 is a multi sector, international innovation hub, constantly searching for new ideas and projects able to improve people’s lives, riding the new trends that mark the current decade.




We are interested in new ideas, new technologies, new business models , in order to launch enterprises, test them and quickly put them into effect. We want to convert innovation into a concrete and real asset for the entire Group and its stakeholders.

Constant dialogue

We wish to talk to whoever has ideas, in a perspective of permanent “open innovation”, and always interact with the entire Reale Group, in order to keep the focus on utility, feasibility, scalability and ease of integration within the enterprises.

Innovation Culture

It is important for us to disseminate the culture of innovation across the Group, along with the knowledge of new working methodologies, the wish to progress! Our action always starts with people and we ourselves learn while working together.