When the rate of change outside exceeds the rate of change inside, the end is in sight.

[Jack Welch - do you know who is he? Find it out here]


Reale Lab 1828 is a center entirely dedicated to exploring the most relevant innovation strategies for the future of insurance and related services.

Reale Lab 1828 is the innovation hub of Reale Group: a unique initiative in the Italian panorama. With its international team of professionals coming from different business areas, in fact, it is a business unit detached from the companies it belongs to, with a dedicated budget and lean and fast processes that make it agile, much more similar to a startup than to a company with almost two centuries of history.

Why 1828?

Founded in 1828, Reale Mutua Assicurazioni celebrated its first 190 years in 2018 but like all young people it is already planning its future. To face it in the best possible way and actively manage the changes taking place, it has therefore created Reale Lab 1828 with the aim of arriving at its 200th birthday, in 2028, stronger and more modern without ever losing the values of its tradition.

Parent company of Reale Group - which includes Italiana Assicurazioni, Banca Reale, Reale Ites, Reale Seguros, Reale Immobili, Blue Assistance and Reale Chile - Reale Mutua is the largest Italian insurance company in the form of a mutual.

Multisectorial and with an international vocation, Reale Group has transmitted its values, first of all that of mutuality and attention to people, to Reale Lab 1828 that is always looking for ideas and projects to improve everyday life.

How do we plan to achieve this?

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“Our recipe for Innovation: mix ideas, ignite technology and build the future”

Reale Lab 1828 wants to go beyond the traditional function of "Research and Development" and become a real innovation factory serving the whole Reale Group and its stakeholders in Italy, Spain and Chile by operating autonomously and entrepreneurially.



“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
[Richard Buckminster Fuller - do you know who is he? Find it out here]

Reale Lab 1828 is an innovation laboratory to look ahead to the next decade (18-28) by joining forces with employees and agents, with the aim of anticipating customers' needs in terms of products, services and customer experience.



we are proud of!

international teams of Innovation Specialists

More than 100 initiatives evaluated

More than 50 colleagues involved in our projects

7 Big Companies behind us

3 Countries

5 Languages spoken

60 coffees per day!