Reale Lab

An international team at the service of Innovation

We can count on an international and heterogeneous team of people at the service of Innovation, coming from the different business areas of the 7 Companies of Reale Group.

We have thus built a small army of innovators, professionals with different expertise and soft skills who can count on the contribution of 60 other people of Reale Group, who are ready to collaborate in the various phases of the projects on site.

Scandinavian-looking project manager from Puglia, passionate about art, travel and queer topics. He spent 3 years in Zurich at Eurapco and now, with his unique personality and international experience, he is ready to bring his creative and innovative contribution to the SME world with Reale Lab.

Football and technology; Germany, Italy and Chile: these are the key words to describe his last years of life and work. And now, a new path in the world of innovation, with the aim of optimising the way we live with the right mix of internationalisation, determination and 'out of the box' ideas.

Passionate about reading, spending time in good company and running, after more than 6 years in HR department he decided to move to Italy for 2 years and to change to the innovation area with the conviction that innovation is not only technology. If you want to meet him, you can find him running in the streets of Madrid.

Enthusiast of Asia, its gastronomy and its way of thinking, after years in consulting and strategy development, driven by desire to take on new challenges, she broadened her horizons towards ​​innovation with the conviction that it is a key lever to achieve the strategic goals of any company. If you are interested in innovation or planning a trip to Japan, talk to Patricia!

A passionate reader and travel lover, she has made innovation her job. She came to Reale Lab 1828 to take on new challenges, bringing with her some essential tools: dynamism, enthusiasm and technology.

Call him Ishmael, if you want: he has enthusiastically embarked on board Reale Lab, with the strong conviction that he can navigate in a sea of multiple experiences and skills, chasing the white whale of innovation, because he knows that this sea will give every man new hopes, as sleep brings dreams.

Years of experience in IT and passion for music, combined with interest in technological evolution and scientific research: these are the elements that mark the time of my life, and in my case to the rhythm of Rock.

A professional Fantacalcio player, he was born before the Led Zeppelin broke up and he spent half his life working in a bank. If you wish to buy a ladder to heaven, ask him how to pay for it.

A Brazilian DNA and a Tuscan way with words: under these premises, she couldn’t help but take up a communication job. As the cliché goes, she’s got rhythm in her blood and music always in her ears. Ask her to talk to you about Real Lab, if you have a little time.