“Nothing else in the world, not all the armies, is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

[Victor Hugo - do you know who is he? Find it out here]


In line with Reale Group's mission to create the conditions for those who live in its world to feel privileged, Reale Lab 1828, in complete autonomy and independence from the parent company, operates with the aim of finding new solutions to problems, large and small, of everyday life.





Make old things in a new way: this is innovation.

[Schumpeter - do you know who is he? Find it out here]

"Innovate": everyone says they want to do it, but truly applying an Open Innovation approach means creating synergies, contaminations and collaborations..

The key to success, to open the door to the future by creating innovation, is to look beyond. It is not possible to change one's own paradigms by looking inwards, but it is increasingly important to open up to external ideas and stimuli, letting oneself be inspired and influenced by different actors with different points of view.

Since the beginning of this adventure, our team has collaborated on a daily basis with research institutes, start-ups, incubators and international networks, attending refresher courses and conferences, congresses and calls for ideas.

To keep up to date with our journeys to conquer the world, visit the “What’s up” section of our website.

For ideas and suggestions to materialise and become real products and services, the approach to follow is counterintuitive.


Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

[Samuel Beckett - do you know who is he? Find it out here]


Failure in business is often stigmatised and seen as a sign of weakness.
At Reale Lab 1828, however, we believe that every failure is an extra step towards the summit of success.

We are guided in our choice of solutions by the theory of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which is similar to the Lean Startup approach, according to which, in order to arrive at the best final product, it is necessary to proceed by iterations, creating a prototype that guarantees a solution to the problem from the outset and carrying out improvements in subsequent phases.

If you think you have identified a possible solution to any problem in your daily life and would like to share it with us for support or to create opportunities for collaboration, make an appointment with one of our Experts.